08/04/2021 – Our largest delivery of the Ramadan Prisoner Welfare Packs. This delivery was for H.M.P Oakwood, H.MP & YOI Brinsford, and H.M.P Stafford. We were assisted by the Deputy Lieutenant of the West Midlands, who volunteered his time to support us in the delivery of our packs, which we are extremely grateful for. We were initially going to take just the two vehicles but upon loading we realised we were in great need of another vehicle – thankfully Ismael was at hand and was available for the day. Upon arrival at H.M.P Oakwood we were asked to create a short video about what we do and the Ramadan Prisoner Welfare Packs, which will be aired on Oakwood’s own prison tv channel for the residents to see. We had a short meeting and discussion about our work alongside Imaam’s from H.M.P Stafford and H.M.P/YOI Brinsford about how COVID19 has impacted the prisons and residents, the change in day to day life, the issues facing the Muslim community and future collaborative work etc.