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Himaya Haven’s Workshop on Prevent – A Youtube video covering our first workshop
Himaya Haven’s Workshop on Families Matter Campaign – A Youtube video on our workshop in collaboration with F.A.S.T
Himaya Haven Launch and Open day – A Youtube video covering our launch and official open day, with special guest speakers
Himaya Haven’s Gangs and Violence Workshop – A Youtube video covering our first gangs and violence workshop with voluntary and statutory organisations plus more
Family Member in Prison – An animated video to show what to expect when a family member is in prison, including how to send money, how to visit and much more
Himaya Haven’s Office and Report Launch 2020 – A short video covering our event launching our brand new office and report Who Cares, You Care.



Action for Prisoners’ and Offenders’ Families – supporting professionals working with families of prisoners and offenders
Affect – action for families enduring criminal trauma offering face to face or telephone counselling, telephone support, group meetings and befriending, court support, training and presentations. Tel: 0300 365 3651
DoingTime – If you or your loved one are facing a criminal conviction and want help navigating through the minefield which is the British penal system this is the site for you
Email a Prisoner – email service to contact a prisoner
Family Lives – offers support to families across the UK about any issue through their website and 24 hour free helpline on 0808 800 2222
Home Start – helps families with young children deal with the challenges they face. They support parents as they learn to cope, improve their confidence and build better lives for their children
i-HOP – iHop provides information and advice to professionals working with children and families of prisoners and offenders
Inside Time – the monthly newspaper for prisoners. See Inside Time information on visiting prisons
KeyRinge-Helpline for people with Learning Disabilities in the Criminal Justice System
The Lucy Faithfull Foundation – works with families that have been affected by sexual abuse including: adult male and female sexual abusers; young people with inappropriate sexual behaviours; victims of abuse and other family members
Ministry of Justice – work to protect the public and reduce reoffending, and to provide a more effective, transparent and responsive criminal justice system for victims and the public
 –  the crime reduction charity, dedicated to reducing crime and reoffending in communities across England and Wales
Nepacs – a charity based in the North East of England, supporting a positive future for prisoners and their families, and helping them to maintain family ties
Ormiston Trust – Ormiston Trust is a national charity which aims to improve the life-chances of children and young people
PACT – supports people affected by imprisonment. They provide practical and emotional support to prisoners’ children and families, and to prisoners themselves
POPS – POPS provide information and support to the families of offenders from their earliest contact with the
Criminal Justice System (CJS), through to release and beyond
Prison Chat UK – an online community for anyone with a loved one in prison
Prisoner Advice and Information Service (Prison Reform Trust) – their service can provide prisoners with advice on 0808 802 0060
Prisoners’ Advice Service – charity offering free legal advice and support to adult prisoners in England and Wales
Prison Voicemail – call to leave a voicemail for a prisoner
Spurgeons – a leading children’s charity providing support to children and their families
Stopso – provide support to a family member when there has been sexual behaviour or offences
Unlock – assist people by empowering them with information, advice and support to overcome the stigma of their previous convictions
Victim Support –  independent charity helping people cope with the effects of crime, by providing free and confidential support and information
Protection Against Stalking a website on how to identify and protect yourself from stalking
Suzy Lamplugh Trust  Training and Campaign information
Scared of someone  Useful information, news and how to stay safe from stalking
Paladin National Stalking Advocacy Service  Training, campaigns and trauma support
Digital Trust   Helping victims of digital and cyber abuse
Prison Reform Trust – The Prison Reform Trust (PRT) is an independent UK charity working to create a just, humane and effective penal system.
Knife Crime Affects Everyone – Bahu Trust video on knife crime
Domestic Abuse – Bahu Trust video on domestic abuse
British Muslim TV – The Plight of Muslim Female Prisoners



Charts on the rise of knife crime in England and Wales  –  BBC article showing 9 graphs on the rise of knife crime
Safeguarding children when sentencing mothers –  YouTube video on the impact of imprisonment of primary carers on their children
Inside Oakwood prison: the private jail struggling to prove bigger is better – The Guardian article about issues within Oakwood prison
MoJ postpones plans to reduce female prison population – The Guardian article about the Ministry of Justice delaying the finalisation of the strategy to introduce community prisons for women
More inmates to be released early under home curfew rules – The Guardian article about how the Ministry of Justice have revised plans guidance for it’s Home Detention Curfew Scheme
Justice Secretary to launch prisoner employment strategy – The Guardian article about how prisoners could help fill the workforce gap post-Brexit
Short prison sentences do not work says Justice Secretary – The Guardian article about the Justice Secretary’s views on short prison sentences and how they do not help rehabilitate offenders
8.7 Kilos of Drugs and 465 Mobiles Found in Merseyside Prisons – Nationally, drug seizures in prisons across England and Wales are at a record high according to data published by Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service, which oversees the running of prisons in England and Wales
Black Teenage Boys More Likely to get Maximum Jail Terms than White Children – An article by the Independent revealed that the justice system is disproportionately handing out harsher sentences to black children convicted of homicide compared with their white peers