07/12/2020 – Himaya Haven is asking for donations so that we can provide 35 families with healthy food hampers this Christmas, and where possible some toys for the children. As we know this year has been incredibly difficult for all of us, facing hardship in a way that was never anticipated. But one of the hardest hit are also, prisoner families. This year has taken us all away from our families and stopped us from seeing those we love – yet, what makes it more difficult for our families is knowing that they cannot call their loved one(s) 24/7 as and when they please, they cannot see/visit them in their gardens or in a public place (eg parks), with not all prisons offering a videocall service either. Where visits were in place families could not hug or touch their loved ones. This situation added to the distress. Most of our families are single mothers with children who face incredible barriers, struggling to make ends meet. We want to bring happiness and some joy into their already difficult lives and require your help. Since HH has started, we have always tried to donate toys to the prisons and with the prisons being closed due to Covid19 we want to continue to help our families. No donation is too small!
Himaya Haven CIC Fundraiser (Facebook)