Shahmat Hoque

Website Development Volunteer
April 2023 


Shahmat’s Journey


“I was studying Computing and ICT Level 3 National Foundation/National Extended Diploma at University College Birmingham when I undertook my 10-day college placement as a Website Development Volunteer from the 5th of April to the 25th of April 2023.

During my time at Himaya Haven, I was tasked with monitoring the website, which gave me access to my creative side to unleash and go, making sure to implement ideas of my own that I thought would greatly benefit the website and Himaya Haven. Before taking this placement, I did not know what to expect when an interview took place, which did sort of spike my nerves. However, after my interview was conducted and all my work placement days were completed, I can say this was a great experience. The team at Himaya Haven were amazing. They were constantly cracking jokes and always laughing, which made the work environment way more relaxed and entertaining. When I reached my fifth day, I didn’t realise how quickly time had passed. Razia, Zobia, and Somia were just brilliant, always informing me of projects they undertook and giving me so much information that was fascinating to me. My experience here was fantastic; they managed to turn a work environment that can bring about negative emotions and stress into a soothing and joyful environment where you can become apart of their little family and be treated with such great respect. Plus, they gave me gifts to take home, but overall, it was a blast to complete my work placements here.

If Himaya Haven offered me a career in the future, I would consider re-joining this great family. Also, I would highly recommend applying to Himaya Haven, either doing a work placement or volunteering here, and trust me, you will not regret your decision one bit, because I certainly did not.”