Ismael Ali

Mentor and Youth Engagement Volunteer
January 2021 – April 2021

Ismael’s Journey


I came to Himaya Haven as a Mentor & Youth Engagement Volunteer in January 2021 to April 2021. Within this period, I had the opportunity to undertake this as a paid part-time role.

I was involved in creating a niche project set up in the area of Sparkbrook/ Balsall Heath, identifying a need for the where the youth were misguided and influenced by their own negative surroundings that would potentially involve them in anti- social behaviour as well as a risk of being influenced by drug dealers as well as armed weapons.


Tasks I undertook:

  • Developed a mentoring project which would instill discipline through boxing
  • Outreaching within the local community
  • Developing relationships with local partners as well as beneficiaries
  • 1 to 1 mentoring with young people who are looking for employment and at risk of crime


The working environment was positive as everyone helped one another. The role I achieved really gave an insight to how some single parent families struggled with multiple young people within the family highlighting various issues such as mental health, anti-social behaviour, issues with where these young people were living and giving them additional support to meet their needs.

Himaya Haven is definitely a charity to watch out for in the coming years as their objectives as an organisation are to bring unity to divided homes. I would personally recommend volunteering or working here as this organisation have a belief that they can change lives by what they promise to deliver and deliver every time. The Ramadan project delivery allowed me to visit and meet the prison imams, which was an experience I will never forget. Working with Razia, Zobia and Somia was great and filled with laughter even on the days we were exhausted from projects, especially during the incident where I forget about closing the boot “properly” during the Ramadan project.