Dualle Elmi

Admin and Finance
January 2022 – June 2022


Dualle’s Journey


“I joined Himaya Haven on the 8th January 2022 to the 30th June 2022 as an Admin and Finance Assistant via the Kickstart Programme.


Professional Development:

  • Gambling Harm Prevention Training (January, 2022)


When I first started working for Himaya Haven in January I did not know what to expect. Having my start date delayed due to me having Covid didn’t help with how nervous I was at the time. Yet regardless of that, all those nervous and anxious feelings I had all disappeared quickly when I got to know Zobia, Razia and Somia. Three lovely individuals who were a joy to work with for all of those months. The balance of professionalism and joyful behaviour at the office made it a comfortable and an amazing environment to learn new skills; whether it was communication skills, work-related skills or other skills.

Would I recommend someone to work at Himaya Haven? Absolutely! I would even personally let them know that this is an opportunity that they would regret missing out on. The events you get to attend, the great work they do to comfort those going through hardships in need of support; working with Zobia, Razia and Somia is an opportunity not everyone is blessed to have.
I could go on and on about my experience and about the great personalities you all have. I wish you all happiness and more success in the future.”

Dualle is now in full time employment.