Adnan Thakur

Events Coordinator Volunteer
January 2021 – March 2021

Adnan’s Journey


“I was studying Travel and Tourism at University College Birmingham when I started my college placement as a Volunteer Events Coordinator on the 24th of January to the 22nd of March 2021.


Professional Development:

  • Gambling Harm Prevention Training (January, 2022)


My experience at Himaya Haven was second to none. A great working environment that was only filled with good vibes, banter and love for the work that they do. I’m glad to say I was able to work with the most welcoming people I’ve ever met. It genuinely didn’t even feel like I was coming into “placement” but rather a fun place to help out. I do recall proudly saying to Maxine (placement tutor) “it’s the best placement I could’ve ever asked for” and I definitely meant that. I was able to learn many things from everyone in the office, Somia was able to teach me how to write up a proper email and Zobia helped me to tap into my creative side when making posters and leaflets, Razia taught me the history of the local area as well as help me to build my networking skills when we went to an exhibition and Dualle was able to teach me some admin skills when it came to Microsoft Excel. All in all, I was able to learn so many different skills in different areas. In terms of what I did, I did a bit of everything: answering emails, making project posters, networking, initial planning for the AGM and one of the International Women’s Day events we attended and helping Dualle with organising the filing system and client spreadsheets.
Some of the skills were not just office based, I did gambling training, a community street clean up, helped to move heavy boxes up the stairs and much more.

If my career path aligned with a job role Himaya Haven has to offer, then I would definitely work with them again because they treat you like you are part of their little Himaya Haven family and not a person there to get some work done.


Adnan is in employment in the hospitality sector, aligning with his career path and studies.